bebeL x sudaH..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, July 24, 2010

oopps...lama uda gue x bka blog upanya..

dah minggu ke-3 aq duk kedah..igt macam br 3 jam ja aq smpai sni..he3

sok spt besa..kuliah

n aq terasa buring-maw-kuliah blues mla menjangkiti sendi otot badan segala..

walhal, tyme cuti ne duk membuta n merayap ja..

buku..ermm..malam ne la i buka u olls..kui3

ok2..malas maw bceloteh cam mak hayam @ mak itik serati..bek gue chow chin chau lu..

daaa korg..maw p pasar malam tuk aktiviti membulatkan puwut..!

pasne i update blog spt besa ya u olls..tata titi tutu..!!!


now i realize..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, July 06, 2010
that i am damn bravely being so KJ..!

KJ means kureng ajar..

yup, i admit that i did it for many reason..

i'm not simply wanted to b KJ person..

i have valid n legally point to turned to b KJ person..owhh yeahh

its quite disrespectful to b KJ, n i hv to wen sumbody made me mad and shouting @ blamed me for no good reason @ point..

wel, i hv a uncle who luv to made ppl mad and shouting @ blamed anybody 4 no reason,

& I who always being blamed and also being patient for many years (since i hv been born)..

lose my patience and now bravely being risk taker to shout back to damn uncle n made him shut his mouth..

wel, all my action is KJ..! but, i must do sumthing to make them realize that i also a human being n needed to b treat as a human and not be taken lightly..

i know it will be made them hated me 4 a years, but i have to stand up n fight them with myself..

p/s; dulu ada ja statement, 'dorang marah sbb sayang'...its totally wrong, they angry on me bcz of not 'sayang'..they juz dun know how to treat ppl back then..! n aq sumpah the child of yours will be that 'sundal' if u not manage ur own bloody mouth..! huhhhh aQ pun taw maraH..!

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