aQ n MagiC...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, April 05, 2010

i don't do magiC..(yup, i'm not competent enough to do so)

so, i have to face this reality world (where they tell u that al such things called magic r ridiculous)

but i do believe magic exist..(ha3..)

yup, maybe once u read this entry, u may think this lady was crazy because magic didn't exist,

u may right, but u has potential to presume wrongly..he3

magic was everywhere and now it was to be understood known as Technology..


the point is when u watch film with full element of magic (harry potter's movie of cos)..u wil see the actor has no difficulty to fly or to make thing moved & etc,

then the MAGIC nowadays is same wit wat u see in that film..

now u can move a car with remote controL, or activate a car wit only use ur voice (bentley use this magic) and u can easily fly everywhere & any time wit cheaper price (airasia @ mas if there any promotion price available)..& many things that can happened or appear magically in front of u..

u may criticize that my writing @ thought r pointless n tel that i'm such childish believing such thing..

but, still i will not stop believing because we can create magiC in other such term such as being successful even people always underestimate ur capability..

@ making major changes in ur life @ any positive things that lead to a successful & wonderful story..

p/s; maGic didn't hurT..but technology do..hehe


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