Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, January 08, 2010

ohh no..
i should not doing such thing..
i become addicted to it now..
omgucci..i should not craving for that expensive things..
i must learn to save my money b4 i waste it again
wat should i do..huhuhu

i do fall in love with tuttt*..n its very deeply..truly can't be tolerate..

that exp n such things r:
i) anor nude shoes.

ii) G's bag..

iii) this G watch


iv) this perfume made me fall in luv..

v) fancy n lovely maxi dress

p/s: i can buy all these thing in my dream(obviously la..hua3)..its good to be rich n faB..


ingatlah...duit y kerajaan bagi itu amanah...bukan untuk berfoya2..

apa barang beli barang mahal2 guna biasiswa beb..haha

sama2 lah kita

*sound aku ada macam ustazah tak..?

del huhu..sgt wat aq terkesima la kan..

apa2pn tQ kerna mnyedarkan aq y fana..err..fana??ntahla

sound ko tu kira lbh da dr ustazah..bgs2..truskn usaha dmi mnyedarkan anak bngsa terlalai..

tu smua hnya la impian shj..olh kerna xmmpu jd aq brani ah uplod ja..

if i have all the money in the world, sigh :D
haha XD

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