juz returned from kampung..fuhhh

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, December 14, 2009
the wedding day end yesterday..my family n i of cos have been stressed and worked so hard to make this ceremony going well at that day

its good to see many happy things happen lately (even though there oso sumthing bad happen n hurt many feelings especially me)

'selamat pengantin baru' to my dearest aunty 'acik nong' n her husband uncle salleh..well..now there's a new 'rakyat' in my family..our family will expand from now on..hehe

my 'majlis' well..its hard to explained bcos there no need to rush n i oso have to focus on my study -n saying sumthing bout my study, i juz checked my result n it turn quiet well for this sem..i'm so relief but not so excited..because my result shows improvement than last sem..alhamdulillah- i knew that al my friend have the same flying colour result n congratz ya all..

owh ya..congratz oso to our fren who won IHL n will depart to HK 4 anor competition..(i was moved n excited when hear this news n then berazam for nex year that i shud try to enter this kind of moot comp hehehe..i juz hope dat i have the courage wen da time has come..wah2)

wel..enough wit da gud news..

now for the bad news..

our new sem scheduled held on 27th dec 09..n i already booked the ticket on 26th..i juz receive the msg that our sem will b postponed n my ticket can't be changed..but its okay bcs few of my friend wil return early n it juz 1 night that i hv to spend alone at the room..hope there's nothing happen..

n yes..wearing 'pink' oso a bad thing happen to my life lately..i'm sorry but pink colour can't fix its place inside of my heart(tiada ruang utkmu)..huhu..wel the colour theme of my aunty weds is pink pastel..n i hv to be her 'pengapit'..luckily i only to wear a white n creamy silk baju kurung but the selendang colour is soft pink..to not make any fuss bout this smal matter so i juz wear it n pretend it was my fav colour at that moment..its turned ok..n i can accept it for real..haha..i juz can't imagined to see my friend's faces when they see my photo n how kelat my face when i see color pinky around my grandmomma house n it oso surround inside the bride's room all the time..

beside, soon enough i will be a 'macik'..hahaha..its sound funny but in reality its not funny at all..wel its only family matter..

owh ya..there was backstabber living around my life..n da funny thing is they have family ties with me..so frustrated bcs i never done this kind of backstabbing act behind of people..i hate this..but when i'm thinking of this..it was a part of life..the choice is always lay in my hands whether i accept it or juz let it go..i determine n solely choose to let it go..but my feeling still hurt..its hurt n i screamed like hell inside..how dare they do this to me..i can't tolerate with this..but now i must be patient n be mature..it only a childish act if i want to take a revenge..juz let it go n juz do selamba look..

p/s: to dat bitchy who try ruin my life..u r not b forgiven..n ur effort juz useless bcs it didn't affect me..go to hell with ur bitchy world..final word memang dasar Ss..


dont mess with pink colour dear or else i'll kill you..


gelak setan ni

sila takut k,,,!

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eleh..dak takut pun..hehe

hahaha..ne pla gelak org tambirang ala gelak mak datin gitu..wah3

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