Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, September 07, 2009

when the day has gone so fast..we didn't realize it..

i have this kind of dilemma..is it dilemma..i dun care it just a word to describe it..
i have no idea to write in my blog as well as ma fren..who oso share the same situation..
the idea has gone for a while (hope its happen for short period only)..

nowadays, mood of 'hari raya' grow so fast and i feel it too,
i already posted 2 'hari raya' card to ma family at home ( i missed them sooo much)
one card is the biggest card i ever sent to my family..and the other one has music instrumental inside (hari raya instrumental of cos) and it was especially dedicated to my beloved parents..hehe..i thought it was funny but at the same time i was sad becoz this becoming raya it was a first time that i can't be at my home to celebrate 'hari raya' wit ma family..(sob..sob..sob)..
opps..i did it again..i already mentioned this matter b4 la..ahaks..sowila..u hv to read it again n again..(sedey la kunun)

p/s: i'm totally still in the mood of fasting..raya will come..but leaving da fasting month can be hard..its was a relief when all the satan have been chained up or detained..hohoho..
owhh its time to seek for forgiveness rite..i can forgive but its hard to forget but for sake for one person whom ask me to keep up the friendship..sincerely i just forgive..(then how bout 4get??..the status stil unknown..i'm not an angel..huhh..i just an ordinary girl who has her limit)..

i'm sorry for everything that i've done to my lovely family, friends and people who knew me..plz accept my forgiveness..and i oso sincerely forgive all the fault or any mistake that maybe we do or didn't realise back then..happy fasting..

owhh ya..juz a reminder..dun play2 wit 'mercun' ya..(cehh..i juz survey that stuff when we went to bazar ramadan changlun yesterday..a lot of this stuff was sold to public but the policemen at there just 'tgk' n leave the business transaction happened..wtf la rite..so people are freely to buy that stuff w/out being summon by the police..cehh..macam tu pun aq bole beli...he3..well da intention already presence at ma hat..n if ma fwen didn't remind me..maybe there's a lot of mercun i'll buy..hohoho..nakal seh..)


jgn cdey2 q.mimi, walau family tidak berade d cc, frens tetap ade d tepi..=)

cik lia:makaseh byk2..slamat bhari raya ya..

selamat hari raya :)

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