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Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, January 16, 2009

This day begin with happy and peaceful feeling. My grandma comes from village for her hospital review on Wednesday. And, my brad’s going back to KK.

I was going to the magistrate court of Tawau (if I’m not mistaken) for the first time in my life. My boss, Sir Ghani and Sis Maria has a case related about drug’s case. However, there’s no trial happened as I wish for and the new date of trial (case PP v. Mansur …) given by the judge, Tuan Henry (and also if I’m not mistaken). Then, we headed back to office and I’m continuing read cases that needed to read and understand. (I was disappointed and I can feel it deep in my heart..uhuhuhuh)

On the evening, all operation well I means office operation began on 2.00pm. Many client come and the phone call ringing as usual. All people around are busy and I’m still with this cases and continuing reading. Huarrrrghhhh..tensionY when you can’t understand everything that should be understand.

5.00 pm come and it times to go home and then people’s face turned happy suddenly (it also happen to me..huahahaha). However, this time my head dizzy and likely want to explode out. I assume this is happen after read and look over the book ‘Colour Atlas of Forensic Medicine’. In fact, this book provided with real photo in it about forensic medicine and all of it scary and made people afraid to look further to the pic. In fact, I don’t feel disgust after look over the book (it makes me wonder if I’m normal person at all? Huhhhh). All pic look so unbelievable and …(no idea exactly wat to say)

Then it also makes me wonder and thinking deep in my precious brain (is it?? If not would u tell me how much the price that stated for ur brain in current market price??ahakss..silly Q neyhhh) the Q dat appears in my mind..how bout myself on future? If I die, how it would be? Were my family would cry and sad for losing me forever and ever or they were grateful for that? Is it become too sorrow when I’m dead? Could I headed to heaven after die or was send to hell directly?

I’m deeply truly thinking about all that stuff and then my head feel really hurt and I have to eat pain killer@ the famous medicine and every house at M’sia have it (ala yg nmaY panadol tu..@paracetamol) for relieve the pain.

p/s: at home, I sleep until the next morning..huhh..bad gurl..cian mak aQ masak mkn mlm sorG2..sowi mak..anakmu ne skit kaPla..


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