Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, January 16, 2009

We were waiting for the judge coming to the court. We were rushed to arrive at the court this morning. And, I forgot to shut down my lptp b4 go to court (& something terrible happened bcoz I’m forgotten).

I was sitting at Session Ct waiting the judge coming and then trial will be proceeding. Our boss talking and has discussion with PP@ public prosecutor. B4 that, I have light conversation with him or shall I call him Mr. Hafeez (if I’m not mistaken). He was Sarawakian and asked why I’m haven’t do my attachment at the office@court. Then, I have explained to him about this personal attachment and make him understand that it was only personal thing and not under U authority.

This court also has trial for another case related to Custom Department at Twau. The custom’s offender was sitting behind me. There are so many of the people and suddenly I felt afraid and frightened. Sometimes, I don’t like to be here because I fell pity for all the criminal or wrongdoer that have to be walk with handcuff at their hand. However, they were doing crime or act wrongful based on law. So, I can’t fell pity or whatsoever. If I’m a judge or a magistrate on future, I must act according to the law or obey to the law.(seriously I really don’t know what I should be on future..)

p/s; me as a judge??it can’t be imagined..hehehehe…


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