Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, January 16, 2009
Day 7

It was my happy day..dun know why but I’m grateful to Almighty Allah for giving me nice life and I really want to appreciate it to the fullest. Today is my bday..n my lovely fwen already wish my bday..luv u all..and tQ 4 al da wish..n not forgotten all JOhari&Zelika Co staff also celebrate my bday. They were too kind to me(except somebody but now I’m okay with it..only Allah can 4give him)..arigato gozaimas minna…magsukul for things dat u do to me(buying an expensive choc cake to me..luv it..n also kak bib dat buying me ice blended of cappuccino..tQ sis..u r so swet)..giving me such nice experience and guide me to suit with this kind work well I mean work at office because this is my 1st experience working at office. Tomorrow is my last day doing my personal attachment at this lovely firm. But, all the experience were not enough and I needed to add my experience before I take real path in this sober or whatsoever world.

Owh ya, not forgotten..my lovely family that also wish and celebrate my bday syukran yazilan ….. vuV u aLL…muahXXXX…

p/s; tQ 4 all da wish..


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