Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, January 16, 2009
Day 6

Wake up so early today..ahaks, don’t know why. I was so hardworking then prepared breakfast to my family(alala sanggar ja bha dmasak tue...cehhhh)

After that, I was rushed to bath and ironed my cloth b4 go to office. Today I’m wearing black yellow batik ala2 kimono and a pair of black khakis pants and yellow ‘tudung’. It just simple style and I loved simple appearance. Well, people always judge us by the appearances. They give comment to the style from head to toe of the person.

This morning I was surprised because of my younger ‘aunty’ came to this office. She was came for her attachment on April 2009..if I’m not mistaken la..and, of course she was beautiful and adorable lady & compared to me she much better..ahaha..kcianY..wel..it was proved when one male staff was stuffed and just stared at her maybe ‘terpesona’ with her appearance..wah3..smpai bgtu skali taw…

And, of course I tell and made her remember to be aware to ‘one staff’ that look like a very nice big brother but can be a ‘buaya darat’ hu3..so scary neyhh.. hate to do so..but for her sake and also mine, she need to be aware..wel I’m nit want to be that such ‘bad’ people but just to make sure everything is alright.

p/s: gurlS..be aware ya…


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