aQ n attaChement..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 1st

Jm8 pg aq stat pjalanan ke sebuah firm yg tlh wjud slama 10thn d twau, ma hometown tchenta..
Johari&Zelika Co, nma firm y mnerima aq sbg intern tuk 11 ari ne..
Napala aq nda tfikir tuk ke firm ne b4 diz…
Mcm tbazir ja ms slama aq dtg twau ne..huhhh..
Diz lovely day was ma 1st experience went to law firm..
Its make me worried b4 going to diz firm actually, I thought dat I can’t make myself comfortable at this place,

But now I’m comfort to be here, get knowing to all da staff, even diz place was looked terrible with many papers and untidy still, it’s clean, safe and all the staff was friendly and adorable. (infact, this firm were in progress of packing up their thing to move at a new office at fajar complex) wel, omedetto for da new office even though I’m neva see da brand new office yet. Hehehe..

Da owner of diz firm named Sir Ghani and his partner Sir QAmin assign me to study criminal law in subject sec304 and also find its element(diz element made me dizzy). And, now I miss vohrah’s book so much even they provide me with ratanlal&dhirajlal’s law of criminal book ..sec304=punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder..of course when we study criminal law there must be case to be review. But, ssshhhh….diz case are confidential and needed to be ma top secret (for now) if it disclosed to another person then I can be sued. Besides, this number one secret of mine has not yet been trial at court and da date of trial will be held on February 2009.

There are 2 cases needed I review and now I just done reading one case. The fact uhhhh so scary but it made me surprise with the changes in ma small hometown (is it small??huhhh) . The modernization now changing ma hometown..of course the people and society also change in order to adapt with diz era. I’m surprise but scary with all diz fact. I just realize dat diz peaceful hometown also has its dirty secret. But, I do not want to involve to diz kind of situation..nauzubillahminzalik..

I’m ok now but still needed guidance for this assignment…huhuhu..in fact I never study about murder yet and its make me dizzy+crazy+confused+excited=50%insane and another can’t be detected by radar.huhu..pity on me neyhhh…


wahhh...bagus la cam2.Chaiyyokk2.jeles sda aq ni.Nway..bley cari pengalaman.,,,!mana la tau nanti aku jadi seriel killer plak.;..

chaiyok2 suda kak mimiku bah!!

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