aQ n attaChement..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 1st

Jm8 pg aq stat pjalanan ke sebuah firm yg tlh wjud slama 10thn d twau, ma hometown tchenta..
Johari&Zelika Co, nma firm y mnerima aq sbg intern tuk 11 ari ne..
Napala aq nda tfikir tuk ke firm ne b4 diz…
Mcm tbazir ja ms slama aq dtg twau ne..huhhh..
Diz lovely day was ma 1st experience went to law firm..
Its make me worried b4 going to diz firm actually, I thought dat I can’t make myself comfortable at this place,

But now I’m comfort to be here, get knowing to all da staff, even diz place was looked terrible with many papers and untidy still, it’s clean, safe and all the staff was friendly and adorable. (infact, this firm were in progress of packing up their thing to move at a new office at fajar complex) wel, omedetto for da new office even though I’m neva see da brand new office yet. Hehehe..

Da owner of diz firm named Sir Ghani and his partner Sir QAmin assign me to study criminal law in subject sec304 and also find its element(diz element made me dizzy). And, now I miss vohrah’s book so much even they provide me with ratanlal&dhirajlal’s law of criminal book ..sec304=punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder..of course when we study criminal law there must be case to be review. But, ssshhhh….diz case are confidential and needed to be ma top secret (for now) if it disclosed to another person then I can be sued. Besides, this number one secret of mine has not yet been trial at court and da date of trial will be held on February 2009.

There are 2 cases needed I review and now I just done reading one case. The fact uhhhh so scary but it made me surprise with the changes in ma small hometown (is it small??huhhh) . The modernization now changing ma hometown..of course the people and society also change in order to adapt with diz era. I’m surprise but scary with all diz fact. I just realize dat diz peaceful hometown also has its dirty secret. But, I do not want to involve to diz kind of situation..nauzubillahminzalik..

I’m ok now but still needed guidance for this assignment…huhuhu..in fact I never study about murder yet and its make me dizzy+crazy+confused+excited=50%insane and another can’t be detected by radar.huhu..pity on me neyhhh…


aQ dan SwinG gaLs..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Swing Girls (スウィングガールズ Suwingu Gāruzu) is a 2004 comedy film co-written and directed by the Japanese filmmaker Shinobu Yaguchi about the efforts of a group of high school girls to form a jazz band.

Swing Girls is set in rural Yamagata prefecture, in northern Japan and the characters often use the local Yamagata-ben dialect for comic effect.

The film ranked 8th at the Japanese box office in 2004, and won seven prizes at the 2005 Japanese Academy Awards, including 'Most Popular Film' and 'Newcomer of the Year' awards for Yuta Hiraoka and Juri Ueno.

The cast includes Yuta Hiraoka (Takuo, the leader of the band), Juri Ueno (Tomoko), Shihori Kanjiya (Yoshie), Yuika Motokariya (Sekiguchi) and Yukari Toyashima (Naomi). The actors performed their own music for the film.


The movie begins at a school in Japan. It is extremely hot outside, and summer classes are being held. One class is where our story begins. It is the remedial math class, containing thirteen girls and a nervous, unsocial teacher named Ozawa. While rambling on, one of the girls, Tomoko, looks outside the window to see the school's brass band, featuring one depressed Nakamura, planning on giving the teacher a "quitting the band" slip, but unable to follow through. The brass band leaves for a baseball game, and moments later, a lunch truck arrives. The driver notices he is late and is also late for a catering. Tomoko, wanting to get the heck out of math class, decides to deliver the lunches with the others for him.

On the train ride over, Tomoko pops a lunch open and the girls devour it. They also fall asleep and miss their stop. They decide to walk, losing some of the lunches in the fields when dodging a train and from procrastinating at a nearby stream. They meet Nakamura at the stadium and pass out the lunches. When they finish, Nakamura demands to know where HIS lunch was, and Tomoko says she doesn't know, but since Nakamura is as wise as Tomoko is dumb, he discovers a spec of food on Tomoko's chin. He says nothing, and buys his own lunch as the girls leave. As he eats, he notices that his fellow band members are sick since the lunches spoiled in the summer heat. All 42 of them along with their teacher go to the hospital. That night, Tomoko watches it all on the news and is petrified.

The next day, hoping for a miracle, Nakamura holds an audition for new recruits. He gets two punk rockers who need to "make some noise" after their band broke up and a shy, bright, unsocial girl named Sekiguchi, who only knows how to play the recorder. Now Nakamura is desperate, and all that changes when he hears the Tomoko and the other girls outside. His desperation turns to rage and he stomps out into the hall and startles the girls. He berates them because they messed up the lunches. He also tells them, not asks them, that they must fill in for the brass band. The girls try to refuse, but Nakamura threatens to rat them out if they don't join. To escape math class the girls reluctantly join.

The girls start to clown around with the instruments, except for Sekiguchi. Nakamura has no control over them, until Sekiguchi accidentally knocks over some big band records. One rolls down the hall into the hands of the school's star baseball player, who hates Nakamura. While being confronted, Nakamura realizes that he can turn the girls into a big band instead as they are 8 people short of a brass band. As he introduces the concept to the girls, he also realizes that teaching brass band instruments to these 16 girls will not be easy, especially if it needs to be done in time for the game next week. Later on, Nakamura, alone in the band room, realizes that everyone is dependent on the girls, and that if he quits the band now, the people would be disappointed and the baseball player would come after him, so he tears up the "quitting the band" slip.

As the week rolls on, Nakamura trains them physically to improve their lung strength. Everyone stumbles along, except for Sekiguchi, who strolls through the tasks with flying colors. Tomoko faces some conflicts with Nakamura along the way, but she realizes that in order to escape trouble, she must get along with him.

On the day before the game, the girls run through a jazz piece and are pretty good at it, although a little squeaky in some places. As they marvel at their work, all 42 brass band members walk in and take over again. Everyone except Sekiguchi is eager to get out, but once the girls step out of the building, they break down into tears because they realize that they liked playing in a big band.

When school starts up again, Tomoko passes by the band room as the band members run through scales. She asks the band teacher what happen to Nakamura, and she tells her he finally quit. The band teacher offers Tomoko a chance to play, and she begins to accept, but as she enters the room she sees Sekiguchi. Remembering how cruelly she treated her back when the band was still in business, Tomoko leaves. A while later all the girls meet to discuss how to raise some money to buy new instruments. Some ideas are brought up but they are unfeasible, and despite the fact that Nakamura's family is well to do, he can't pitch in because he's afraid he'll get a beating from his parents. Finally they settle on an idea: they decide to get jobs.

The girls work at a supermarket, and raise a lot of money, but Tomoko loses most of the money when she has to pay damages from accidentally starting a fire. As the girls leave, a shocking secret is discovered when it is learned that everyone except Tomoko, her best friend Yoshie, Sekiguchi, and Naomi have spent all of their hard-earned money on designer clothes. The girls who spent their money on clothes run off with the school's baseball players leaving the four with a small amount of money to continue the band on their own.

Tomoko sells her computer and her little sister's PS2 to buy a used sax (in poor condition). However, the rest of the girls need money, and they decide to pick mushrooms in the mountains. When they get to the mountains, though, they realize that there is a trespassing fine, and that the forest rangers are heading in their direction. They try to escape, but a hungry boar attacks them and goes for the portly Naomi. She climbs up a tree hoping to escape the boar and then falls down onto the boar's head. The boar's skull splits open, killing it on impact. The forest rangers find them, and what seemed like another failure is turned around when they were rewarded a huge sum of money for killing a crop-damaging boar.

They buy the instruments, but they turn out to be broken and old, so now they have to fix them, but they have already blown their money getting the instruments. However, the punk rockers take them to the junkyard to have their ex-bandmates--also ex-boyfriends who are desperate to get them back-- to fix them up. Now that they have the gear, they can start playing, but their skills are as poor as their instruments, and after trying a few places to play, they are not very successful.

Sekiguchi meets a man after one of their failed gigs to get some advice. The others try to meet him, but he leaves too fast and flees. They catch up to him at his house and peek through his window, to find his house is a big band shrine and it is the math teacher Ozawa. He sees their reflection in his mirror. He invites them in and starts to teach them how to actually play jazz, while keeping a secret.

They play in front of the supermarket they got fired from. The other girls that had previously left see this, and are so moved that they go and sell their designer clothers to buy instruments to rejoin the band, restoring the band to its original size.

Later on in the winter, Tomoko tells the others about a winter music festival where they could actually prove themselves. They all agree to go and convince Ozawa to conduct. He reluctantly agrees, and the next day they go to the roof of the school to record the audition tape. When they finish, they leave Tomoko in charge of sending the tape, with plenty of time to spare; however, Tomoko forgets to send it. She hastily turns it in but a few weeks later she gets a reply saying that due to a surplus in applications, they've been rejected. Crushed, Tomoko decides not to tell anyone.

During a hair appointment, Nakamura discovers that Ozawa is not really a professional sax player and was privately taking lessons across the street. Embarrassed, Ozawa confessed that he was never a good sax player and only learned to play to impress the school's music teacher. He makes Nakamura swear that he will never tell a soul. He also decides to back out of conducting.

On the train ride there, Tomoko sits alone in another car. Nakamura decides to go over and cheer her up. While the others think it's a confession of love, Nakamura could tell by her feelings that she did not send the tape on time. She says to him that she did not have the heart to tell anyone, so Nakamura tells them for her, which crushes their spirit. To make matters worse, the train is delayed by the snow. The band teacher finds them and rushes them by bus to the auditorium; they have a spot since another band could not make the competition.

They spill out onto the stage just as the announcer declares they would not attend, causing the audience much amusement. They set up and play a 15-minute concert. While wooing the crowd, Ozawa conducts and the punks' boyfriends try to get them to notice them. At the end, they win the competition.

p/s: i luv diz film..luv da music played n diz film oso..its really great to hear jazz music..


aQ & cUti SeM...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, December 06, 2008
cuTi ini..aQ sendiri..
menghadapi hari2 begini..
hati ini..
sakit sekali..
mengapa aQ jadi begini...

huhhhh..mrepek lgi aq ni..

cuti ne aq plan wat attachment,
n akhirY stelah mnunggu pihak atasan bg kputusan
aq akn mula nex wek..yattta...
bdebar2 ne nak mula attachment..
but life must go on kn..
dri aq duk umah jd bibik kn..
bek aq mnyibukkn dri dgn aktiviti yg bfaedah..kn..kn..kn..
pdahal bukan kna byar pn wat attachment ne..
tp korg doa2kn la aq d byar elaun olh phk atsn tu..

kpada kwn2 aq yg susah ati kerna bnjir d hrap kmu smua nda men air bnjir ya..
bhya tu minna-sama..
aq doakn korg smua sbar n tbah mghadapi bnjir..ook..

n last word from me..

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