i'm not in luv...ahaks..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
today in my ko-k clas..discuss bout mny things & da 1 thing dat very interestg actually in my sight when a story told by my lec bout a guy who failed all his subject in exm bcuz of broken heart well..i mean ..his relationshp was over with her ex...huhh..nauzubillah..

then, there's a lil arguement bout diz 'love' things..ma lec said dat its wasting our time luving in this kind of age..we need stdy n fulfill our dreams so..no need to play around with diz stuff..

and..it must have any person whom disagree wit diz opinion..ryte..

but..still...im not in luv..even there's many scandal created by ma luvly fren..ahaks..only we know..but i accept al dat as a joke..not seriously to think bout it..cehh..mcm nk bg statement y aq single..wel yup people out there..im still single n enjoying ma time with diz 'single' terms..hehhh..

dun care wat people says bout being single..wel..its ok then..bcuz i still hv frens n fmly whose dun stop loving & accept da way i am..

n da very important is im not alone..n stil believe dat somebody who created by Almighty to be ma ehem3..heh..jodo la bha tu..hehehe...


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