i hate to say but diz soB made me mad..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
i'll dun want to reveal ma mad feelings to diz blog..
but then..i've to do so,
diz soB made me mad..n tell me dat i shud be responsible to the broken relationshp dat happen to her lately..
wtf la diz pompuan..
i'll neva wanna make a havoc bout her relationshp even dat man who r her ex now actually ma ex clas mate..
she assumpt dat i am whom being a b****Y to make her relationship over..
in fact, i neva do dat..

n y i shud do dat..juz bcuz im being her ex frens then i am persn who ruined their relationship..
stop da rumors...b***h!!!!!!!!!!!
dun make false fact to mke people blamed al thing on me..argggghhhh...

n from now on, i pretend to dun know n ever know diz kind of soB..
she shall shy bout herself bcuz as a legal student she need to stop doing such false fact n assumption dat made people misunderstood bout others...


calm down ya.be patient ya.aja fighting!

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