aQ n attaChement..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 1st

Jm8 pg aq stat pjalanan ke sebuah firm yg tlh wjud slama 10thn d twau, ma hometown tchenta..
Johari&Zelika Co, nma firm y mnerima aq sbg intern tuk 11 ari ne..
Napala aq nda tfikir tuk ke firm ne b4 diz…
Mcm tbazir ja ms slama aq dtg twau ne..huhhh..
Diz lovely day was ma 1st experience went to law firm..
Its make me worried b4 going to diz firm actually, I thought dat I can’t make myself comfortable at this place,

But now I’m comfort to be here, get knowing to all da staff, even diz place was looked terrible with many papers and untidy still, it’s clean, safe and all the staff was friendly and adorable. (infact, this firm were in progress of packing up their thing to move at a new office at fajar complex) wel, omedetto for da new office even though I’m neva see da brand new office yet. Hehehe..

Da owner of diz firm named Sir Ghani and his partner Sir QAmin assign me to study criminal law in subject sec304 and also find its element(diz element made me dizzy). And, now I miss vohrah’s book so much even they provide me with ratanlal&dhirajlal’s law of criminal book ..sec304=punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder..of course when we study criminal law there must be case to be review. But, ssshhhh….diz case are confidential and needed to be ma top secret (for now) if it disclosed to another person then I can be sued. Besides, this number one secret of mine has not yet been trial at court and da date of trial will be held on February 2009.

There are 2 cases needed I review and now I just done reading one case. The fact uhhhh so scary but it made me surprise with the changes in ma small hometown (is it small??huhhh) . The modernization now changing ma hometown..of course the people and society also change in order to adapt with diz era. I’m surprise but scary with all diz fact. I just realize dat diz peaceful hometown also has its dirty secret. But, I do not want to involve to diz kind of situation..nauzubillahminzalik..

I’m ok now but still needed guidance for this assignment…huhuhu..in fact I never study about murder yet and its make me dizzy+crazy+confused+excited=50%insane and another can’t be detected by radar.huhu..pity on me neyhhh…


aQ dan SwinG gaLs..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Swing Girls (スウィングガールズ Suwingu Gāruzu) is a 2004 comedy film co-written and directed by the Japanese filmmaker Shinobu Yaguchi about the efforts of a group of high school girls to form a jazz band.

Swing Girls is set in rural Yamagata prefecture, in northern Japan and the characters often use the local Yamagata-ben dialect for comic effect.

The film ranked 8th at the Japanese box office in 2004, and won seven prizes at the 2005 Japanese Academy Awards, including 'Most Popular Film' and 'Newcomer of the Year' awards for Yuta Hiraoka and Juri Ueno.

The cast includes Yuta Hiraoka (Takuo, the leader of the band), Juri Ueno (Tomoko), Shihori Kanjiya (Yoshie), Yuika Motokariya (Sekiguchi) and Yukari Toyashima (Naomi). The actors performed their own music for the film.


The movie begins at a school in Japan. It is extremely hot outside, and summer classes are being held. One class is where our story begins. It is the remedial math class, containing thirteen girls and a nervous, unsocial teacher named Ozawa. While rambling on, one of the girls, Tomoko, looks outside the window to see the school's brass band, featuring one depressed Nakamura, planning on giving the teacher a "quitting the band" slip, but unable to follow through. The brass band leaves for a baseball game, and moments later, a lunch truck arrives. The driver notices he is late and is also late for a catering. Tomoko, wanting to get the heck out of math class, decides to deliver the lunches with the others for him.

On the train ride over, Tomoko pops a lunch open and the girls devour it. They also fall asleep and miss their stop. They decide to walk, losing some of the lunches in the fields when dodging a train and from procrastinating at a nearby stream. They meet Nakamura at the stadium and pass out the lunches. When they finish, Nakamura demands to know where HIS lunch was, and Tomoko says she doesn't know, but since Nakamura is as wise as Tomoko is dumb, he discovers a spec of food on Tomoko's chin. He says nothing, and buys his own lunch as the girls leave. As he eats, he notices that his fellow band members are sick since the lunches spoiled in the summer heat. All 42 of them along with their teacher go to the hospital. That night, Tomoko watches it all on the news and is petrified.

The next day, hoping for a miracle, Nakamura holds an audition for new recruits. He gets two punk rockers who need to "make some noise" after their band broke up and a shy, bright, unsocial girl named Sekiguchi, who only knows how to play the recorder. Now Nakamura is desperate, and all that changes when he hears the Tomoko and the other girls outside. His desperation turns to rage and he stomps out into the hall and startles the girls. He berates them because they messed up the lunches. He also tells them, not asks them, that they must fill in for the brass band. The girls try to refuse, but Nakamura threatens to rat them out if they don't join. To escape math class the girls reluctantly join.

The girls start to clown around with the instruments, except for Sekiguchi. Nakamura has no control over them, until Sekiguchi accidentally knocks over some big band records. One rolls down the hall into the hands of the school's star baseball player, who hates Nakamura. While being confronted, Nakamura realizes that he can turn the girls into a big band instead as they are 8 people short of a brass band. As he introduces the concept to the girls, he also realizes that teaching brass band instruments to these 16 girls will not be easy, especially if it needs to be done in time for the game next week. Later on, Nakamura, alone in the band room, realizes that everyone is dependent on the girls, and that if he quits the band now, the people would be disappointed and the baseball player would come after him, so he tears up the "quitting the band" slip.

As the week rolls on, Nakamura trains them physically to improve their lung strength. Everyone stumbles along, except for Sekiguchi, who strolls through the tasks with flying colors. Tomoko faces some conflicts with Nakamura along the way, but she realizes that in order to escape trouble, she must get along with him.

On the day before the game, the girls run through a jazz piece and are pretty good at it, although a little squeaky in some places. As they marvel at their work, all 42 brass band members walk in and take over again. Everyone except Sekiguchi is eager to get out, but once the girls step out of the building, they break down into tears because they realize that they liked playing in a big band.

When school starts up again, Tomoko passes by the band room as the band members run through scales. She asks the band teacher what happen to Nakamura, and she tells her he finally quit. The band teacher offers Tomoko a chance to play, and she begins to accept, but as she enters the room she sees Sekiguchi. Remembering how cruelly she treated her back when the band was still in business, Tomoko leaves. A while later all the girls meet to discuss how to raise some money to buy new instruments. Some ideas are brought up but they are unfeasible, and despite the fact that Nakamura's family is well to do, he can't pitch in because he's afraid he'll get a beating from his parents. Finally they settle on an idea: they decide to get jobs.

The girls work at a supermarket, and raise a lot of money, but Tomoko loses most of the money when she has to pay damages from accidentally starting a fire. As the girls leave, a shocking secret is discovered when it is learned that everyone except Tomoko, her best friend Yoshie, Sekiguchi, and Naomi have spent all of their hard-earned money on designer clothes. The girls who spent their money on clothes run off with the school's baseball players leaving the four with a small amount of money to continue the band on their own.

Tomoko sells her computer and her little sister's PS2 to buy a used sax (in poor condition). However, the rest of the girls need money, and they decide to pick mushrooms in the mountains. When they get to the mountains, though, they realize that there is a trespassing fine, and that the forest rangers are heading in their direction. They try to escape, but a hungry boar attacks them and goes for the portly Naomi. She climbs up a tree hoping to escape the boar and then falls down onto the boar's head. The boar's skull splits open, killing it on impact. The forest rangers find them, and what seemed like another failure is turned around when they were rewarded a huge sum of money for killing a crop-damaging boar.

They buy the instruments, but they turn out to be broken and old, so now they have to fix them, but they have already blown their money getting the instruments. However, the punk rockers take them to the junkyard to have their ex-bandmates--also ex-boyfriends who are desperate to get them back-- to fix them up. Now that they have the gear, they can start playing, but their skills are as poor as their instruments, and after trying a few places to play, they are not very successful.

Sekiguchi meets a man after one of their failed gigs to get some advice. The others try to meet him, but he leaves too fast and flees. They catch up to him at his house and peek through his window, to find his house is a big band shrine and it is the math teacher Ozawa. He sees their reflection in his mirror. He invites them in and starts to teach them how to actually play jazz, while keeping a secret.

They play in front of the supermarket they got fired from. The other girls that had previously left see this, and are so moved that they go and sell their designer clothers to buy instruments to rejoin the band, restoring the band to its original size.

Later on in the winter, Tomoko tells the others about a winter music festival where they could actually prove themselves. They all agree to go and convince Ozawa to conduct. He reluctantly agrees, and the next day they go to the roof of the school to record the audition tape. When they finish, they leave Tomoko in charge of sending the tape, with plenty of time to spare; however, Tomoko forgets to send it. She hastily turns it in but a few weeks later she gets a reply saying that due to a surplus in applications, they've been rejected. Crushed, Tomoko decides not to tell anyone.

During a hair appointment, Nakamura discovers that Ozawa is not really a professional sax player and was privately taking lessons across the street. Embarrassed, Ozawa confessed that he was never a good sax player and only learned to play to impress the school's music teacher. He makes Nakamura swear that he will never tell a soul. He also decides to back out of conducting.

On the train ride there, Tomoko sits alone in another car. Nakamura decides to go over and cheer her up. While the others think it's a confession of love, Nakamura could tell by her feelings that she did not send the tape on time. She says to him that she did not have the heart to tell anyone, so Nakamura tells them for her, which crushes their spirit. To make matters worse, the train is delayed by the snow. The band teacher finds them and rushes them by bus to the auditorium; they have a spot since another band could not make the competition.

They spill out onto the stage just as the announcer declares they would not attend, causing the audience much amusement. They set up and play a 15-minute concert. While wooing the crowd, Ozawa conducts and the punks' boyfriends try to get them to notice them. At the end, they win the competition.

p/s: i luv diz film..luv da music played n diz film oso..its really great to hear jazz music..


aQ & cUti SeM...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, December 06, 2008
cuTi ini..aQ sendiri..
menghadapi hari2 begini..
hati ini..
sakit sekali..
mengapa aQ jadi begini...

huhhhh..mrepek lgi aq ni..

cuti ne aq plan wat attachment,
n akhirY stelah mnunggu pihak atasan bg kputusan
aq akn mula nex wek..yattta...
bdebar2 ne nak mula attachment..
but life must go on kn..
dri aq duk umah jd bibik kn..
bek aq mnyibukkn dri dgn aktiviti yg bfaedah..kn..kn..kn..
pdahal bukan kna byar pn wat attachment ne..
tp korg doa2kn la aq d byar elaun olh phk atsn tu..

kpada kwn2 aq yg susah ati kerna bnjir d hrap kmu smua nda men air bnjir ya..
bhya tu minna-sama..
aq doakn korg smua sbar n tbah mghadapi bnjir..ook..

n last word from me..


aQ dAn kaRtuN..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Thursday, November 20, 2008
baru sebentar tadi aQ arGue dGn rumate mengenai kartuN..

aq suka kartun..maw cakap yg t'over' suka..tdak jg..tp hakikatnya aq suka kartun wlaupun aq semakin menginjak ke alam dwasa yg realitinya berbeza dgn alam kartun..

aq nda kisah bila org kutuk atau ckap y umur mcm aq ne nda sesuai tgk kartun,komik,anime n len2..bg aq yg pntg aq msih lg berpegang pada realiti n bpaksikan agama yg menyembah Tuhan Yg Satu..

kartun kadg2 walaupun nda logik tpi bwat aq seronok nonton..ada yg lucu..ada yg sedey..tp smua tu sbnarY mnceritakn pada kita mgenai lumrah alam..aha..mrepek lg kn aq ne..

ne tpengaruh dgn nota company y aq susah nk fhm agkY..he3..

tp kta rumate aq..kdg2 dia takut yg 1 ari nti..dia dah nda suka dgn 'kartun'..
adu..sedey pla..

pkara ne ada kemungkinan akan tjadi..uhuhh..aq nda maw bgtu..
aq suka tenok KARTUN..wlupn nda logik d pikir oleh akal..tp aq ttp suka tenok..

alamak..nota company aq blum hbs bca lg..aq ada 5ari lg nk stdy company ne..
sempatkaH Aq hbis bca smua tu..?

insyAllah..mudah2an smpat..wlupun susah akan aq tempuhinya jua..ehe..

okla..oyasumi nasai(nite) smua..ame ga futeimasu(it's raining now)..

watashi wa benkyo shimasu ima des...(saya belajar dulu)..

p/s: bhsa jipun tu nda taw la btul ka nda..cz aq pn bru blajar skit2..hehe..


Omeddeto gozaimasu...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Sunday, November 16, 2008

buAt aDeLL chaN..

tHniah Ya..aNda daH jadi FeyMes skaNG nE..
hE3...jGn lpAkn dAku..biLa da feYmeS nE..

gAmBaTe..4 cRimiNal..
duN tenSen2 baHHHH...

tUk daK LLB 8th gen..
gD LucK yA...

aL da BesH...

crIminaL laW 1...wE vUv U!!!!!!aHHHaaa...


hanayori dango muvie soundtrack...one luv...ehe..mahal na mahal kita..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, November 14, 2008

Tsutae takute tsutawara nakute
Toki ni wa sunao ni nare zu ni
Naita kisetsu wo koeta bokura wa
Ima totemo kagayaiteru yo

Sore zore egaku shiawase no katachi wa
Kasanari ima ohkina ai ni naru
Zutto futari de ikite yukou

Hyaku nen saki mo ai wo chikau yo
Kimi wa boku no subete sa
Shinjiteiru tada shinjiteru
Onaji toki wo kizamu hito e

Donna kimi mo donna boku de mo
Hitotsu hitotsu ga itoshii
Kimi ga ireba nani mo iranai
Kitto shiawase ni suru kara

Ame no naka de kimi wo matte ta
Yasashisa no imisae shirazu
Surechigai ni kizutsuita yoru
Sore demo koko made kitanda

Kakegae no nai deai wa
Kiseki wo tsunaideku
Omoi de kasanariau
Hajimari no uta nari hibi ite

Donna toki mo sasaetekureta
Warai naita nakama e
Kokoro wo komete tada hitotsu dake
Okuru kotoba wa [arigatou]

Hyaku nen saki no ai wo chikau yo
Kimi wa boku no subete sa
Aishiteiru tada aishiteru
Onaji asu yakusoku shiyou

Sekai juu ni tada hitori dake
Boku wa kimi wo eranda
Kimi to ireba donna mirai mo
Zutto kagayaiteiru kara

p/s:da translation plz see adeLL blog..ehehe...arigato...



Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, November 08, 2008

da alang2 aq ucap thanks..
jd aq nk ucap la ma smua org y byk tolg aq slma aq idup dlm dnia y fana ne..ehe..

mizz_aDeLL..aq da ucap td kn..he3

feNn, daYat, jezZ- korg byk tolg aq slama aq stdy ne..tq byk2 ya geng..sgla nsihat tguran n grauan mnjadi ingatn gue y abadi..
kalu aq byk wat slh maafkn la aq ya dear fwen..besala kn aq ne y blur..he3..slalu n da byk nyusah kn kmu smua..
pshabtan kta ne aq doakn bkekalan hnga akhir hayat..amin..

dianG- kazen y slalu ada time aq susah seng..tq jg krna hdir d waktu2 aq memerlukn ptolgn mu..arung..ko la y slalu bg aq smgt d kala krisauan n ksedihan mnjelma..magsukul na..

faritza- tq ya slalu bg tumpg keta ko..dun wory minyk keta ko kta tuang2 la ya..tq jg cz slalu kongc mslh dgn aq..jgn rsau sgt pasl prob ko tu..fokus xm ne dlu..smua mslh ble setel ba..dun wory..aq tau ko bek orgY..jd org y baek ne mst ada jodo ma y baek budi pkertiY..ahaks..jgn pduli ckp org..y pntg live ur life to da fullest bak kata pgtua skola lam crita jipun hanazakarino..he3..al da bes luv..

geNg sBaH-nk tlis nma kmu smua tlalu byk ne..ne pn y aq ingt tme ne..y nda d ingt tu sowi ya..jgn mara kat aq..sal,ct,hasnah,afni tiara,ann,jiran dpn aq ne,joyce,clara,die,rina,lina,noris,tina,peter,rahmatang,kak yan, kak dee, nita n smuala..maaf ya nda tsnarai tue...tQ 4 acknowledge me n slalu tgur aq kalu tserempak dmna2 tue..n slalu jg bri bntuan n nsihat tme aq membutuhknY..tQ..korg la plg rawk ne..he3..

syAhbuR n LaN- snior2 sbah y slalu tolg anta aq p epot ne..tq ya..korg la y plg baek ne..n sori slalu nyusahkn kmu bgn awl pg anta aq p epot..nseb la aq knal kmu dr mck fenn..smoga kmu dpt grad dgn gumbiraY sem2 y akn dtg..he3..

kWn2 cHatG aQ- cako, mr engineer, ampal(wlupn ko ne spesis y gatl skit), anto_angel ka??ntahla, squbidu emm, echa, ain, rynna, azi, bae, n smuala..tq 4 da info y korg bg tme kta chatg..heh..y flirt ma aq tue..sorila..lum lg aq tgoda..kraY flirt korg nda mnjadi ma aq la tu..knun minah kebal la aq ne ciiittt....he3...alalalala....

aNip n GliK- korg bdua ne y slalu ada mslh lam pcintaan..t'utama c anip@ gmuk..playboy btul..smua kolj ada ja yg jd gf dia..jd sapa2 y knal ma dia ne ati2 ya..tkut t dia men2 kn korg pla..kpd glik aq taw ko pnya byk prob tp ble la kongc ma kwn2..jgn pndam sorg2 ya..bgs jg la kalu ko da tobat jd player ne..jgn la rusakkn ati org y tulus cinta ma ko..cian taw dorg..jgn ikt jejak lgkh c gmuk tue..cehhhh...

biEha- kraY kta knal n jd shabat gara2 anip..tq jg slalu bntu aq lam byk hal..tlg ambl kt epot tempohari..tq ya..btuah kraY spa y jd bf ko tp mmg c gmuk tu nda padan dgn ko cz slalu skitkn ati ko kn..biarla dia kapel ma pgikis tu..lma2 dia sdar sndri jg tue..kta da nshat kn..dri diri dia mahu ikut @ abaikn smua nshat tu..y pntg skg ko epi n bhgia..owh ya ko kn byk pminat ne..jgn hmpakn prasaan pmint ko tue..he3..aq gwau ja b..dun take it seriously ya..

rYnNa- kwn aq dlu time skola smktawau..kwn sush seng aq ne..slalu rndu ma ko fwen..slalu tolg aq n jd mcm akak aq wlupn ko lg mnja dr aq..he3..slalu ptahankn aq kalu ada mamat sengal kaco aq..yala mna la dorg brani kaco ko..ko kn sgt tkenal ne..tada sapa brani cri pasl dgn ko apatah lgi fmly ko kt twau nun..tq rynn bg aq smgt tme plbgai krisis mlanda dri gue ne..ko tbah orgY..n org y plg tbah pena aq jmpa selain mami tchenta aq tu..byk prob pn ko mc mampu ktawa n snyum lg..arap ko akn sntiasa gumbira dgn pa y ko wat skg ne..da ms lawat la aq d bumi sintok ne ya..t aq g peng lawat ko pla..luv ya..

niNa- besfren aq y duk usim skg ne..aq pn byk thutang budi ma ko..slalu ada n kongc sgala prob aq tme duk asrama dlu..yala pena jd rumate aq kn..mstila rpat..smoga ko bhgia ma insan tsyg y aq nda taw g sapa..tp kalu da ms perkenalkn jejaka btuah tu ma aq n frens..ble knal2..mna tau dia ada adeq @ abg y single ka kn..he3..gataiY minah ne..he3..gwau ja..pa2pn..smua memory tu will not faded away..except kalu aq da pnykit alzheimer tu hu3 nauzubillah..

gEnG sMAktS(sMu)-kwn2 aq asrma n klas dr form1-5..syukran ya ats sgala ptolgn,nsihat,kutukn,kritikn n smuala..besY memory kta skola asrm dlu..bla aq bc blog kak zeq pasl aspuri dlu..tkenang blik memory kta smua..besY tme muda2 dlu..mcm nk ulang blik ja..ehe..tq senpai@ akak zeq..krna mengingat kn aq memory y mmg besh thp dwa tue..wlupn byk kesushn n kesukaran kta alami..terutama mslh air n len2..tp bg aq i2la yg byk mndewasakn dri kita kn..ehe..smoga ukhuwah psahabatan kita kekal dunia n akhrat..amin

shiKin- tq ya kwn cz bg aq tngal kt uma ko tme aq dtg tganu..fmly ko mmg bes..t'utama mak ko y cm angap aq ank sndri ja..he3..mc lg t'ingt tme aq nk blik p uma adeLL 'mok' sedey sgt..aq pn sedey taw..tq jg bg pnjam mcm2 brg ma aq...sponsor smua mknn tme aq duk uma ko..bg aq mkn kepok ori made in tganu tue..uhhhh sodap smpai mnjilat jri taw..aq nk mkn lg kepok...he3..tq cz bwa aq jaln2 nek moto ko..cek mek jgn bwa moto lju sgt..gerun aq taw..he3..tq 4 evrthg..i owe u many thing dear..dtg la p sbah..t kt sna aq ble bls sgala jasa ko tu..he3...

cOurseMate aQ-azriah,tqia,sai,sue,suraya,raihan,danie,haliza,zahid,atiah,mi2,nita,amal,ndia,kanaga,uma,ivy,shan,kar ming, kean,sufi,geng moon,geng fara,lynn,geng ungku, rizal, geng nora,azy, vijiy, stela,ron, ila,adeq,mursyid,umair,afwan, n smuala..sowi if aq nda msukkn nma korg batch kta rmai sgt he3..
apa2pn korg smua pn ada jg y tolg2 aq kn..byk ka kecik ka..ptolgn korg smua tu..tq la byk2..even sindir2 ka aq angp tu nothg cz kta lum knal sgt..tp nda pa ms akn wat kta smua knal ati budi jg..kta lec batch kta ne aktif sgt..n tu mmg nda dpt d nafikn la,,byk bnda tjadi lam 3sem ne..tp bg aq smua jd memori t'indah wat kta smua..aq doakn kta bjaya dunia n akhrt..amin..gd luk 4 xm ya..al da besh...

mr NaL-tq 4 being such nice n kind fwen to us..me n adeLL..its nice to have fren like u..wlupn knal mnerusi tinta YM..tp tu tdak mnhalang kta utk trus bkwan..tq 4 sgala info n lgu2 y lan da bg..hope so u found new luv in future..dun be afraid to fall in luv again..n diz kind of advice oso wil owez bear in my mind..he3..gambate 4 ur life..al da bes oso in exm n evrthg dat u do now n on future..be da gud n great teacher ya..

tQ..sLamat nA..trimA kasiH..ariGato..syUkran ya ZiLan...
4 evrything..luv u aLL owez..MaY Allah owez Bless Us...
bg y aq lpa nk tlis nma tu..dun tkilan ya..korg pn aq ucapkn tq jg...hehheheh...


i gUesS i'M LaZy..crAzy..diZzY..heHhhh...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, November 07, 2008
now i'm listening to song 'so wat' by pink..
diz song catchy jg la..ptutla top10 mtv list ..skg ne la..
ari ne aq lazy + crazy + dizzy = confused?@#$%??!!
sbb tdo lmbt la ne..
mcm hbit pla..

alahai..stdy pn aq tuang2 ja..hbisla..
mek dylla br ja kuar p mndi..ehe..
aq lum mndi g..t la..laZy la ktakn..
rjin pla mndi adeLL ne..ehehehe..

skg aq tgh tngu bju aq lam mesin tue..
lum hbs bsuh g..
bsuh bju pn gna mesin jg..
nyata skali la laZy..hu3..
wel pa gna ada mesin kalu nda guna kn..
cehhh..ayat spala aq cedok n gna ne

y pntg aq cuci bju kn
aq pena jg dgr ada org cuci bju 1x ja lam dlm 1 sem..
wah glak ne..
tahan pla pkai bju y da 1001 bau tu dlm 1sem..huhhh..

ari ne pnuh miracle la..
cz tenet conction ada n ok pla..
slaluY xdpt connect..
em..ok jg la wlupn tenet ne lembbb's smacam..
he3..y pntg ada tenet..

nex sem myb aq sush skit dpt wireless ne..
tkaq blik cz kazen aq da prob ngn rumate dia..
cian dia taw..i2pn klu d izinkn olh pjbat kolj..
tp aq cian gak ma miz adELL..

dear dpt rumate bru ah ko nex sem..
but dun 4get me ya..
sori 4 evrthg..
sori kalu aq pena skitkn ati ko ya..
y tmakan n tminum t hlalkn la..
sedey ne taw..tp pa ble bwat..i dun hv choice..

tada lg la org ble tkg bg bgn aq pg2..
ko la org bjasa lam bab ne..he3..
tq ya dear..ko la plg cmel ne..ehe
n t la kta bhgikn hrta sepncrian tu ya..cehhss..
lcu la..mcm len ja..tadala..
kalu ko nk rak tu..ambil ja..
kra tu peningalan artifak aq wat ko..ehe..

pa2pn..ko la rumate y plg bes, nice, bek ati, gummuck, n len2 g..(xble dpaparkn y len tu t jtuh sham ko n aq)ahaks..
tQ..thankS..trma kasIh..

tO deAr aDeLL...


tQ sO mucHH..aRigatO gozAimasU..ma McK aDeLL...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, November 07, 2008
tO dEaR AdeLL..

tq la sbb bg ucpn thniah pd ku kerna aq da hbs tgk crita jipun tue..

ko pn nmpkY da ska ma ajinomoto tue..ahaks..

wel aq ne ble than jg pengruh ko kn..keh3..

prasantan tul la rumate ko ne..

apa2pn..gd luk lam mndptkn lptp 'pink' bru ko tue ya..

t sem dpn ble la aq pnjm..he3..

aja2 paiti 4 final ya..

n tQ 4 everYthinG...

luV ya oweZ...xoxo..



Posted by mieZa taiB on Thursday, November 06, 2008

uhhhh..masi ada 4paper nk d tempuhi..

aq tkut lg bdebar mahu tempuhiY...


nmun bgtu, aq mc smpat nonton taw..
bru2 ne aq nonton crita jipun..bes gilakkk..
mmg aq akn rekomenkn crita ne ma sista aq yg duk kat hostel nun..
msti mcik tu ska sgt2..

bukn ja ma sista aq rekomn..tp ma kwn2 q smesta alm ..cehhhh..kununnn...
aq da addicted ne ma drma hanayuri dango..ntah btul ka spellingY tue..

tp y wat aq skit ati ne..

film tntg drma tu da kuar kt pangung..

tp kt sni xda..hu3...

bnciY thp gban..

npala smua ne tjadi..hu3..

ndapala..pas criminal pny xm aq p jitra cri tu dvd film..
mdah2an la ada..

y plg aq ska lam film tu plakon llki n pompn dia..he3

swet sgt2..
mcm pdan ja dorg tu taw..
knunY dorg ada hbgn dlm real life..tp nda taw la kn..artis...he3..
fhm2 ja la..
tp kn bes kalu 'ada' aq la y sokg..ngeh3..

nk tgk pic plakon tu..ne aq uploadkn skali..

msra gla mrka bdua ne..
p/s: dey..suits together..he3..mcm sdu ma grpu pla..he3..mrapu pla..kuang3...


exam yg bkal menjelang,,,

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1hb mrupakan trikh kramat utk bmulaY pjuangan aq n rkan2 menempuhi soalan ciptaan madam zuryati..

ptgY pula aq ada test QtI a.k.a test keta sblm test jpj..

krisauan tlah membelenggu ati q ne..

d cmpur ktakutan krna blum siap2 lg bc nota n case2 y t'amat byk..

bgaimanalah aq mhu mghadapi ksmua ne..

perluY double@ triple effort y mgkn mgikut reasonable men test blum mncukupi lg..

lantas prluY dlipat kali gndakn sgla usaha tersebut,..

dan yg plikY knapa ayt yg ku gnakn ne da laen mcm..

ne kmungkinan bsar tpengaruh dgn ayt bku tort stlah mmbca 3sub topik lam bku bkenaan..cehhh..


aq ttp mndoakn rkan2 skalian dpt menempuhi xm dgn ati dn smgt y bkobar2..

insyAllah..kta mmpu mnjwb soaln2 thriller lg sadis itu..amin..

smoga Allah brikan kpd kta ksihatan y baik swaktu mgu xm mnjelang..amin,,

akhr kata,..

chayo3 + gamabate + doa + tekun bca bku(ehemmm) + smgat y jtu +twakal =rsult power...

ne teori aq cedok dr prof dr.faizah..emmm..anda knal bliaw??he3..y knal tu cpat2 la ambl b'kat dr mek tu..cz mmg mujarab smua ptua n tips2 bliaw..


petua utk kaki...he3..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Tuesday, October 28, 2008
1 cawan jus lemon 2 sudu makan minyak zaitun
1/4 cawan susu Air secukupnya
Serpihan kelopak mawar atau kayu manis (untuk aroma)
Cara: Campurkan semuanya di dalam besen sederhana besar. Masukkan kedua kaki (separas betis) selama sepuluh minit, kemudian keringkan kaki dan bilas dengan sabun lembut serta air. Lakukan dua kali seminggu selama beberapa minggu sehingga kaki anda terasa lembut.

2. Hilangkan sisik pada kaki Kaki bersisik boleh menjejaskan penampilan tambah pula jika anda suka bergaya dengan skirt pendek. Ada juga wanita yang mengamalkan pemakanan seimbang dan meminum air putih di dalam jumlah yang cukup namun kulit mereka semula jadi kering. Justeru, untuk merawat masalah kulit kering, mengkudu atau nama santifiknya Morinda Citrifolia adalah jawapannya.
Cara: Gosokkan buah mengkudu matang pada bahagian kaki yang bersisik. Lakukan selama lima hingga 10 minit. Bersihkan dengan kain bersih yang direndam air suam.

3. Tumit kaki halus Di dalam dunia kecantikan, penggunaan garam digunakan secara meluas untuk membantu menghaluskan kulit, menggalakkan pertumbuhan sel sekali gus meremajakan kulit. Bahan: 1 genggam garam 1 titis minyak aroma seperti serai, halia, limau atau teh hijau Cara: Campurkan kedua bahan dan masukkan ke dalam air hangat. Rendam kaki dan gosok bahagian tumit yang kasar dengan sikat halus dan batu apung. Urut bahagian tumit dengan garam untuk membuang kulit kering. Apabila selesai, bilas kaki dengan air dan keringkan sebelum kaki disapu losyen pelembap sesuai jenis kulit.

Sumber: www.conectique.com


my life in misery??..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, October 18, 2008

aq idup dlm misery...huhuhu..
pg ne gue pg latihan memandu..
aq dpt cg y garg lg..
hbis aq dlm keta td kna mara trus..
ilang fokus aq..
btul ne..aq kna mara pas2 trus lupa pa y ptt aq bwat
apath g, td highwy bz sgt
byk keta dr smua laluan..
keta tu lg da byk kali mati cz aq angkt clutch cpat sgt..
sorila cg ramli murid ko ne lemb'ss skit..ehehe..
yala aq kn dak bru blajaq..so ajari aq dgn baek ya..
plz..aq tda niat nk skt kn ati cg ramli..
niat aq juz nk blajaq keta smpi jd bijaksana
so ajari la aq dgn tenang..
kerna..dgn tenang la bru aq bole fokus..
adeh..mcm la dia bc blog aq kn..he3..

ops lpa nk mention..
td aq nmpak dgn mta kapla aq accident..
motor d langgar keta
trus gabra aq dbwatY nk bw keta tu..
gegar bdan aq nk bw keta..
ok d rgkaskn creta..
keta tu yg slh cz lgr moto tu..
dia nk msuk simpg n nda bg signal pastu trus trjah ja tak tgk dlu ada kenderaan laen kt tmpt tu
moto tu d tunggang sorg bdak dgn mak dia
y plg bwat aq tharu..
bdak tu jatuh n then bgn blik wlupn kapla da bgkak n bdarah..trus p keta tu mara..
dlm pkiraan aq dak tu umr 10@11@12 thun..
dia mara kt driver keta tu cz tak tgk jaln..
mak dia tbaring ats jaln..kesakitan..
aq cedey...trus ingat parents aq..hu3
jatu skit la ayaq mata tgk insiden tu
yala da nmaY pompn kn..bnda2 mcm ne pn org ble cry pa..
aq tabik dgn smgt dak tu y kraY wlupn dlm pain tp akn trus wat tndakn dmi ibu tsayg..
n ada 1 cg kt institusi memndu tu knal ma mak dak tu bgtau la ayah dak tu da tak dok..
so mmg reasonable jg la dak tu mara pcik bwa keta...

so, bw keta n blajaq keta mmg sush skit..
pekena lg y dpt cg garg mcm aq ne..
mmg kna tahan ati bla kna mara tu..
yala aq pn bukn pndai sgt bwa keta ne
hny tau basic ja..
hrap aq dpt tmpuhi 8jm brikutY dgn sabaq n teng..
ooowh Tuhan..brikanlah aq kkuatan..


Why Women Cry??..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, October 13, 2008
Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom?

"Because I'm a woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said.

His Mom just hugged him and said,
"And you never will, but that's O.K."... ... .

Why Women Cry

Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom?

"Because I'm a woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said.

His Mom just hugged him and said,
"And you never will, but that's O.K."... ... .

Later the little boy asked his father,
"Why does Mom seem to cry for no reason?".
"All women cry for no reason," was all his Dad could say... ...

The little boy grew up and became a man,
still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God and when God got back to him, he asked "God, why do women cry so easily?"

GOD answered... ...

"When I made woman,
I decided she had to be special.
I made her shoulders
strong enough to carry
the weight of the world, yet,
made her arms gentle enough to give comfort... !

I g ave her the inner strength
to endure childbirth
and the rejection
that many times will come
even from her own children.

I gave her a hardness
that allows her
to keep going and take care
of her family and friends,
even when everyone else gives up, through sickness and fatigue without
complaining... .

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all
circumstances. Even when her child has hurt her badly... .

She has the very special power to make a child's boo-boo feel better and
to quell a teenager's anxieties and fears... .

I gave her strength to care for her husband, despite faults
And I fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart... .

I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but
Sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him
Unfalteringly... .

For all of this hard work,
I also gave her a tear to shed.
It is hers to use
Whenever needed and
it is her only weakness... .
When you see her cry,
tell her how much you love her, and all she does for everyone, and even though
she may still cry, you will have made her heart feel good.

She is special!
Please send this to all the women you know, and those with mothers,
sisters, and special women in their lives.

But, also send this to men so they will understand about what a
wonderful thing a woman is.
Each day is a mountain that must be climbed; with courage each step
gets easier.


i'm back..again n again..ahaks..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, October 13, 2008
slamat mnyambut ari lebaran y mulia..
mst rkan skalian mc bgumbira mraikn bulan mulia ne kn..
d smpg bgumbira mrayakn ari rya bsma kuarga tchenta..knyg dgn plgai juadah rya..
n dgn duit rya..
emm..in short term smuaY ada pktaan raya..
aha..pic y da kt ats tu..pic aq ma adeq pompuan..dua2 single lg..ehe..pomot pla...
sja bg pic tu cz nk ucpkn slmat rya ma korg smua..
yala y sudi bc blog aq y srba itam ne..
sbnrY mks nk ubh..wrn dlm blog ne..cz aq ska wrna ne..cehh...
tp aq ska wrna wrni jg..jgn nda tw..he3
aq bz ne sbnarY..
kna wat asg TID..
sok mw submt sda..
kna wat blog..
so pasne ble la korg jenguk2 p blog tu..
tp myb blog tu aq update skit2 ja..
nex wek aq ada presntation g..
subjk tort..lec dia knunY strict..hbisla..
aq nda sk present2 ne..
mst tketar2 thp dwa..
pas2 aq ada test compny lg..
pn blum bc..
td pg aq test criminal..ntah pa2 y aq jwb..
mst bla lec prksa ketas aq..penin2 langau..hu3...
apa2pn plz doakn aq bjya hdpi smuaY ya..
korgla kwn dnia n akhrt aq..
syg kmu smua...he3..


mgu y pling bz bwat aq..sLmat bPuasa n cUkp buLan bleLa bRaya..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, September 15, 2008
mgu ne mcm2 ada ..
n smua mnuntut aq utk slsaikn ksmua skali sblm cti rya bmula nex wek..
asg, presentation, test, cs review presnttion, personal prob, pwtc, n len2 g,
wahhh..mglahkn mnteri pla k'bz'an aq ne..cehhh
tp ne la khidupn student y smemgY nda dpt lri dr mlksanakn tggjwb msg2..
but still, aq ada ms mnulis dlm blog ne..
dlu aq nda bminat mw tulis @ apth lg memiliki 1 blog,
tp kraY aq mw jg mncuba mnulis dlm blog..n lm2 bg aq pkra ne mnarik n aq dpt b'konc buah pikirn ma bloggers..

ari ne jg mrupakn ari ke-16 umat Islam sluruh dnia bpuasa..
syukur krna Allah swt mc memnjgkn usia kmi tuk trus b'ibdah n mncri keredhaanY.
bnyk bnda blaku dn m'ikut p'amatan q..pkara y blaku ada postf n negatf..
y negatif adlh tuk pgjrn supy aq (msia Y lmah) tdk m'ulangiY n meneruskn mmbwat bnda2 postf,
hehhh..pa jg la y aq mrepek pd pg2 buta ne..emmm layn ja la..

nex wek aq blik jg d bmi sbah n b'cuT slm 2 mgu.he3..
cti d u tlh dpnjgkn kpd 7hb tp aq memndai ja smbg smpai 10hb..
n tket tlh d sponsor (emmm...) olh bliaw y tsyg..tq ma dad..luv ya he3
bru2 ne aq tlh mnydiakn psiapn dr sgi mental n fizikal krn 1st tme braya d tmpt org ne..
cehh..kunun btul la..
tp myb rzki murah hsil drpd kurniaan Tuhan y Maha Penyyg..Allah swt..alhmdlh
smoga mura rzki bterusan..amin..
n akhrY aq braya jg ma fmly tsyg..
mdh2an kta smua dpt blik n slmat smpai ke dstinasi d tuju..amin ya rabbal alamain.

raya2 jg..tp pas rya byk la tgas2 pntg y perlu dslsaikn..
asg lg..presntation lg..test lg..
so mmg time blik pn aq kna bw bku..
yala tme tgk tv ble la kerling nda pn jeling2 ma bku tu..
aiks..jeling2 ja..bc bku nda??hehehhe..
nda la gtu..tme tgk tv tgk ja..
tp tme stdy kna fokus gtu..ahaks..yala tu..
n..knala jg spend sdikit ms tuk wat rjukn..emm pntg tu..
yala dmi ms dpan y excellant bak kta lec2 aq..

tp kn y wat aq sedey jg da kwn q y nda dpt blik uma..kcian dorg..
knala mjd pnjga stia kolj..ndapa..t kwn y blik mst bw kuih ry tuk dorg..
membe aq fen@ kpas nda dpt blik jg p sbah..
cian dia..
tp smpt g bg ingt supy bw kuih feveretY iaitu biskut mkmur..
insyAllah fen aq bwa tuk ko..kalu ada la..
cz mami q skg bz n kdg2 mna la smpt wat biskut ry..
hehhe..n kalu suru aq wat..almt hngus la bskut tu..
kraY bkt wat bskut ne nda m'galir dlm tubuh q..cianY..ank sapa la ne kn..huhhhh...
tp apa2 pn..aq ttp nk raikn buln mlia ne dlu..then brula raikn buln Syawal y akn tba..insyAllah..

kpd smua blogers nda kira la bgsa n agm..
aq nk wish SLamat MnYambut Ari Rya AIDILFItrI..
smoga rya pd thun ne mmbwa bjuta2 lemon kberktn n kgembraan kpd kmu smua..amin
pd dak2 bwh umr anda dlrg sm skli men mercun..hehe..
so aq y da cukp umr ne men mercun @ bom2 pn ndapa..
adu na..undg2 mna la aq prktikkn ne..ishhh3..(grau ja la)
kpd tman2 q nti aq bg kad rya ya..hehh..
wlupn kad tu kcil n mura..
y pntg ingtn q y tlus n ikhlas kn..(yaka??) hehhhh
syg korg smua..n mst aq rndu ma kmu smua t..

owh ya ....hmpir2 tlupa ne..
sila jmpt dtg ke tratak bruk q d twau..
i2pn kalu taw almt uma aq la..
kalu tau dtg ja..
tp mgenai duit rya tu..em jgn la nk mgharap sgt cz bliaw q ska bg ma dak2 kcik ja..
y besaq2 tu..duk diam mkn kuih rya ya..heheheh..

p/s; mizz aDeL, aq ingt nk tlis pasl 'gmuk' tu..tp nda jd la..ko pena kata kn nda bgs ngumpt d buln mlia ne..opss..bukn bln ne ja..smua bln pn..tmsuk tme dtg buln..he3...bcanda ja tu..


plZz..bOys..takE a bOw..he3

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, September 12, 2008

How 'bout a round of applause
Standing ovation
Oohhhh... yeahYeah, yeah yeah yeah...

You look so dumb right now
Standing outside my house
Trying to apologize
You're so ugly when you cry
Please, just cut it out

Don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not
And baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
You really had me going
But now it's time to go
Curtain's finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

Grab your clothes and get gone(get gone)
You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on(come on)
Talkin' about, girl, I love you, you're the one
This just looks like a re-run
Please, what else is on

And don't tell me you're sorry cause you're not
Baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it's time to go
Curtain's finally closing
That was quite a show...
Very entertaining
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow

And the award for, the best lie goes to you
For making me believe that you could be
Faithful to me
Let's hear your speech

How about a round of applause
Standing ovation

But you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it's time to go
Curtain's finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it's over now
Go on and take a bow...
But it's over now


just like dat..aikss pa ne??

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, September 12, 2008
lately tada idea nk kongc dgn para pmbca..
apath lg dgn plbgai bnda happen diz week..mcm2 jd..smpi aq jd bingung..huhh..

da kwn tp hpokrit n hny muncul tme sush..
pa..ingt aq ne welfare centre ka..sori..slh sda ko..
myb aq cpat kcian so slalu la tkena ma org y ngaku aq kwn dia..
pdahal aq da dlete 'dia' dr kotak ingtn aq..huhhh..
spa suru hangpa..len kli wat hal la g..sori la..im not ur fren anymore..
kali aq nda kisah sda..diz is final decision..cehhh..

wahhh...asg q mlambak2..tmbh2 asg ne smua dateline dia sblm aq depart dr bumi kdah ne..
test g..aq lum bca..blik2 bc battery & assault..heh..mmgla topik ne ja y mnarik ati aq..
tp len2 pn pntg jg..
ok2..pasne aq bc..

owh ya lpa pla mau mention..
aq tgh gram ne pasl news y ktaorg ura2 nda dpt admission frm LPQB em ntahla..speling mcm nda btul ne..
y bkin aq gram thp dwa ne..
ktaorg pas grad kna duk xm cLp..huhhh..
udahla 1st timer duk xm ne kna byr rm4000..adu gilakk..ops..buln mulia..ampunnn..
tp consider la bha ma org y nda b'keupayaan espcially aq..hehehe..
mnala taw kn skali ambl ggl pla..uhhh..nauzubillah..
kna la ambl smpai jd lulus..huhu..
pas2 ambik ms stahun pla..huhhh tua la aq..
bak kta sai..time tu bla la aq nk kwin hehhh..calon pn lum ada g..ble fkir smpi stu..hehehe..
juz kidding..
pa jg la relevenY dak2 LPQB wat gni..
mcm2 reason aq dgr..n 1 pn aq nda tw mna y btul..
n lg 1..lpas ne ada hrpn la LLB kt u tchenta ne discontinue..huhuhuhu..
wat diz happen to us..plzz..dun do diz to us..we r innocent..
sumtimes..aq da trma tkdr y Almighty Allah tkdirkn aq duk u ne..
nda sgka upaY ada dgaan bsaq mlanda..
ne mnuntut aq bsabar n redha..yala sgla plan kta ble la rncg siap2 tp y mnntuknY hny Allah swt sorg shj..

now..aq n kwn2 juz ble bdoa smoga panel2 LPQB ka..ntahla..tbka aT tuk bg ktaorg da iktiraf..n dun forced us to sit xm cLP tu..tp
kalu tuk student uum duk xm tu free..aq ambl 10x pn ndapaa..
btul ne wa ckp sm lu..
emm..hope evrthg fine..
May Allah swt bless us with its pure n great power...amin..


lagi..lagi...berita..sila baca...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, September 08, 2008
Macam-macam: Lemak badan bantu lelaki elak maut

DORTMUND: Seorang mangsa samun di Jerman terselamat meskipun terkena tembakan selepas peluru itu terlekat pada lemak badannya. Malah, Rolf Mittelhaus, 49, tidak sedar dia ditembak sehinggalah diperiksa selepas melaporkan serangan berkenaan kepada polis, dua hari kemudian. “Penyamun menyerang saya dan saya terdengar letupan kuat tapi saya mabuk dan tidak mengetahui apa berlaku; saya juga tidak berasa sakit,” katanya kepada polis di sini. Pegawai perubatan menemui peluru itu terlekat dalam gumpalan lemak pada badan Mittelhaus ketika pemeriksaan mengesan kecederaan. - Agensi

kesimpulannya, lemak dlm bdan ada mnfaatY..hehehehe..
jd syngi la lemak anda...ahaks...


brta t'kini...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Sunday, September 07, 2008
Muslim Xinjiang dihalang Tarawih

BEIJING: Masyarakat Muslim China di Xinjiang, dilaporkan dilarang mengerjakan solat Tarawih oleh pihak berkuasa tempatan atas alasan mengelak berlaku sebarang kejadian ganas. Perkhidmatan berita Islamonline memetik laporan agensi berita Agence France-Presse (AFP) menyatakan, bukan itu saja, malah penduduk lelakinya juga dilarang menyimpan janggut, manakala wanitanya tidak boleh menutup aurat dengan mengenakan tudung mahu pun purdah. "Kami ingin mengingatkan umat Islam supaya tidak menganjurkan sebarang acara solat berjemaah atau cuba mengadakan sebarang majlis yang mengumpulkan orang ramai bagi mengelak tercetusnya sebarang kejadian yang boleh mengancam keharmonian masyarakat," kata notis pada laman web majlis tempatan Xinhe. Arahan itu dikeluarkan pihak berkuasa tempatan minggu ini bagi memastikan penduduk Muslim minoriti Uighur mengadakan sebarang acara keagamaan bersempena Ramadan yang bermula minggu ini. "Sesiapa saja, baik pegawai kerajaan, anggota Parti Komunis, guru dan pelajar juga dilarang terbabit dalam sebarang acara sempena Ramadan. Mereka yang ditangkap kerana berpuasa, akan dihukum," kata satu lagi notis pada laman web majlis daerah Zhaosu, di Xinjiang.

pa prasaan korg pas bc news ne..
mst rsa kcian@smpati n mara mcurah2 kuar kn..
tu la y aq rsa bla bc news ne..sedey la apabila kta maw b'ibadah tp d halg olg phk bkuasa,
konklusiY..kta kna bsyukur dgn kdaan neg kta y aman kta tdk dlarg sm skali tuk b'ibadah lebih2 lg d buln rmdhn y mlia ne..alhmdlh..

tp 2la mc g wujd insan2 y nda sdar dri dlm klgn msia btuah neg kta malaysia..
sbb pa aq ckp hal sdemikian..sbb aq mnyksikn sndri dgn 2 bji mta q ne..
sepasg kksih d mall kolj aq bdua2an n y plg prah skali kdua2 kki kapel tu adu..sush pla nk xplain d cni..
k la aq bg xplain la ya..kaki sang arjuna@llki ne dia bg kangkang n kki si pompn@gf tu ada t'letak d celah kaki bfY y tgh bkangkang tue..hushhh.detail jg pnergn aq ne kn..
wel..imagine la sndri ya mcm na situasi t'sbut..
time tu pla..aq n kwn bru ja blik dr msjd..trus d hidang dgn pmndgn sdemikian..
aq tkejut n tdiam memndg..lantas istigfar la dlm ati kn..nauzubillahminzalik..
yala aq taw tmpt dorg dating tu public tp aksi nda snonoh tu kaver2 la..kn buln rmdhn ne nda elok la wat mcm tu..kalu pak imam tgk..mst trus bwa geng2 dia bwa kapel tu n tlg nikhkn kt msjd..em elok jg tu..save bajet mak bpa dorg..
kmdn aq bndingkn pla situasi kapel td dgn news y aq bca ne..
myb dlm pndpt korg nda logik la kn..
tp m'ikut reasonable man test cehhhh..
nda la..mikut pikiran q y nda sbrapa ne..
algkh bgsY kalu kta memnfaatkn ms dgn b'ibadah d buln mulia y cma dtg skali stahun..n btapa btuahY kta krn kta bbas mnjalankn ibadah puasa ttpi bg org Islam d China pla d tekan srta d halang olh pihk pmerintah utk tdk bpuasa n mnjalnkn solt trawih bjemaah..

p/s:bak kta nabil 'lu pikiaq la sndri'..he3...


i hate to say but diz soB made me mad..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
i'll dun want to reveal ma mad feelings to diz blog..
but then..i've to do so,
diz soB made me mad..n tell me dat i shud be responsible to the broken relationshp dat happen to her lately..
wtf la diz pompuan..
i'll neva wanna make a havoc bout her relationshp even dat man who r her ex now actually ma ex clas mate..
she assumpt dat i am whom being a b****Y to make her relationship over..
in fact, i neva do dat..

n y i shud do dat..juz bcuz im being her ex frens then i am persn who ruined their relationship..
stop da rumors...b***h!!!!!!!!!!!
dun make false fact to mke people blamed al thing on me..argggghhhh...

n from now on, i pretend to dun know n ever know diz kind of soB..
she shall shy bout herself bcuz as a legal student she need to stop doing such false fact n assumption dat made people misunderstood bout others...


emm...pa la nk jd dgn msia zmn skrg ne...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
bla bca brta ne ja wat aq skit ati..
ntahla pa sbb dorg wat hal mcm ne..mst nk sesatkn org2 laen..
bak kta pgcra tv ntv7 dlu2..pa kejadahY dorg wat isu ne...cehhh..
jum bca kratan akhbar y q tmui ari ne..

Penulis AS pula hina Rasulullah

LONDON: Seorang lagi penulis Barat mungkin mencetuskan protes baru Dunia Islam selepas menghasilkan buku yang dianggap menghina Nabi Muhammad SAW berhubung hubungan Rasulullah dengan isteri ketiganya, Aishah. Selepas penyiaran kartunis menghina Rasulullah disiarkan akhbar Denmark tidak berapa lama dulu, penulis Amerika Syarikat, Sherry Jones, 46, menghasilkan novel The Jewel of Medina dengan menyifatkan Aishah sebagai ‘kanak-kanak yang menjadi isteri nabi’. Novel itu sudah pun mencetuskan kontroversi di Amerika dan Serbia tetapi akan mula dipasarkan di Britain bulan depan.

Penerbit, Gibson Square, membeli hak penerbitan selepas Random House membatalkan jualan buku itu kerana dimaklumkan ‘sumber boleh dipercayai’ termasuk tokoh sejarah Islam bahawa novel berkenaan boleh mencetuskan keganasan. Pensyarah sejarah Islam di Universiti Texas, Amerika, Denise Spellberg, menggelar novel Jones itu umpama ‘bahan lucah ringan’, lapor akhbar The Guardian. Jones pula menafikannya dengan berkata: “Itu karut. Saya tentunya seorang penulis yang dahsyat kerana dapat menghasilkan buku lucah tanpa adegan seks.

“Buku ini adalah satu penceritaan munasabah setakat yang saya mampu ceritakan mengenai gundik Muhammad dan kehidupan peribadinya. Sudah tentu ia menyentuh seks tetapi tidak ada langsung adegan seks." Random House membayar AS$100,000 (RM345,000) untuk The Jewel of Medina dan novel kedua Jones. - Agensi

q taw pkara y aq state kn d cni myntuh pkra sensitif..tp kalu smpi m'hina mstla kta wat sstu tndakan..
wlupn kwn aq pena bgtau..
mgutuk pbuatn keji dlm ati adlh y selemah2 iman..
artiY..aq myb tada kuasa nk wat pa2 tndkn tp ne la y bisa q lakukn sbg umat Islam..
iaitu mgutuk sgala tndakan mrk m'p'sendakn pesuruh Allah yakni kekasihY..
ehem..wlupn pgthn agm aq nda la byk sgt..tp insyAllah q b'ush jg m'dlmiY..
tp apabila mrk katakn dcni y isteri baginda mrupakn sorg gundik..ati aq gram..
gram shggakn aq nk bg ja sej tmdn Islam n suru dorg bc n kji dlu brula bwat novl t'sbt..
Aisyah r.a bukn la gundik ttp mrupakn sorg istri kpd Rasulullah saw..

ne la fkta y org Barat slewengkn..
ttp ssghY Allah SWT tu Maha Adil..mstla mrk akn d blas dgn blsan y stimpl..
n i have 100% to believe it..


huhhh..ada ularrrr dlm flight..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
ne bukn men2 taw..ne crta btul...bukn cobaann mcm dlm cita p.ramlee tu..
nda ska la bc brta mcm ne..bwat aq dup dap dup dap ja..
udahla aq travel p mn2 gna diz kind of air service..nk blik uma y brada jau d sbrang..
eh jgn silp..bukn d tnah indonesia tp d tnah borneo tu..
emm...yala nk brenang n m'yelam laut china selatan tada sapa pena bwat..
kalu ada pn..aq mmg gerenti nda mw bwat ne..huhhh..tkut bha..
dipersilakn mmbca kish benar d bwah ne..

Macam-macam: Ular cetus panik dalam pesawat

NEW DELHI: Krew pesawat penumpang Air India berdepan saat menakutkan apabila menemui seekor ular di bawah kerusi dan tidak boleh menangkapnya kerana ia menjalar ke seluruh jet. Ular itu ditemui ketika pemeriksaan rutin diadakan pada pesawat A319 Air India, yang baru mendarat di lapangan terbang New Delhi selepas melakukan penerbangan domestik dari Srinagar, kata syarikat penerbangan itu semalam. Ular itu dapat mengelak daripada ditangkap dengan menjalar masuk ke dalam lubang udara dan tidak ditemui walaupun pelbagai usaha dilakukan. - Agensi

huhhh..ulaq pn pndai naek kpal ne..
ne mst ulaq zmn siber la ne..

mudah2an la sepjg pjalnn aq blik nti tada hal mcm ne blaku..amin..
smoga pjlnn q nti dpermudahkn olh Allah SWT..
kwn2 tlg doakn aq slmt smpi n blik smula p u y tchenta ne..
aq pn doakn kmu dgn doa yg sma...


i'm not in luv...ahaks..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, September 06, 2008
today in my ko-k clas..discuss bout mny things & da 1 thing dat very interestg actually in my sight when a story told by my lec bout a guy who failed all his subject in exm bcuz of broken heart well..i mean ..his relationshp was over with her ex...huhh..nauzubillah..

then, there's a lil arguement bout diz 'love' things..ma lec said dat its wasting our time luving in this kind of age..we need stdy n fulfill our dreams so..no need to play around with diz stuff..

and..it must have any person whom disagree wit diz opinion..ryte..

but..still...im not in luv..even there's many scandal created by ma luvly fren..ahaks..only we know..but i accept al dat as a joke..not seriously to think bout it..cehh..mcm nk bg statement y aq single..wel yup people out there..im still single n enjoying ma time with diz 'single' terms..hehhh..

dun care wat people says bout being single..wel..its ok then..bcuz i still hv frens n fmly whose dun stop loving & accept da way i am..

n da very important is im not alone..n stil believe dat somebody who created by Almighty to be ma ehem3..heh..jodo la bha tu..hehehe...


salam ramadhan bwat smua umat Islam..jgn pontg posa ya..yg ABC tu ehem2..t gnti blik..he3

Posted by mieZa taiB on Sunday, August 31, 2008

buln rmadhan dtg lgi,
tba mmbwa rhmat kesluruh alam,
marila teman mri kta rai,
tanda mnsyukuri nikmat Tuhan...

pantun 4 kerat ne..saja2 wat..
huh...ingtkn nk wt 6 kerat tp nda pndai ne..
kalu cg sstera aq tau..hbs la...
trus kna lmpar bku sstera..hu2..


huhuhu...aq nda ble tdo la...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Monday, August 25, 2008
sushY nk tdo...
bnci btul la situasi ne..slaluY aq cpt nk tdo tp...
mta nda mau tutup..
rumate aq da tdo siap pluk bear lg tue..
myb minm air mocha td wat aq jd gni..arghh mnyesal minm..dah la sok klas pg jm8 lg tue..
nk tlis pa ya..aq pn nda da idea ne..
y pasti aq skrg sntiasa rsau..
rsau mmbelenggu dri ku ne..
aq pn nda tau dr mnala prasaan rsau ne dtg, myb dr lubuk ati y dalam @ saja2 wjud agkY
aq rsau tntg smua pkara dr A smpi Z..
plajaran la..sikap q y ptt d ubh la..brat bdn pn msk jg dlm list pkara2 y drisaukn..
diz changes made ma hair luruh like da leaves felt when autumn season come..cehhh
owh ya..komn2 org tntg aq pn kdg2 bwat aq rsau..huhh..knapa la ptt aq rsau..
bek g aq pkir hal2 y lbh pntg..
owhh..myb prasaan ne tmbul cz aq nda dpt g blik kg rya nti..owhh sedeyY..
smstiY aq akn mnitiskn ayaq mta d pg rya..lg2 time dgr lgu dendang prantau by da late P.Ramlee d mainkn d radio@tV..huhuhuh... nseb bdan laa...
tp y pntg skg ne..aq nk ubt rsa rsau y bsarang dlm ati n fkiran q ne..
aq nda taula..pa la jg ubtY rsa rsau ne..
1 jaln y aq tau ialah bdoa ma Allah swt agr dlapgkn dada n dp'mudahkn sgala urusan..
'Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kmi..kmi hmbamu y lmah ne memohon sgala keampunan dn rhmat drMu Ya Allah, lapangkn la dada kmi Ya Allah, permudahkan la sgala urusan kmi d dnia dn d akhrat, beriknla kmi ptunjuk dn jalan lurus Ya Allah, sesungguhY hnya diriMu y kmi sembah dan tempat kmi memnta p'tolongn..." Amin...
smoga slpas ne aq dpt melelapkn mta dn rsa krisauan aq b'kurgn..

peace out...gd nite alam semesta...salammm...



Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, August 23, 2008
Read this "HATE letter". It is so funny and creative. This is a love letter from a boy to a girl.... However, the girl's father does not like him and want them to stop their relationship...... and so.. the boy wrote this letter to the girl.. he knows that the girl's father will definitely read this letter..

1----"The great love that I have for you
2---- is gone, and I find my dislike for you
3---- grows every day. When I see you,
4---- I do not even like your face;
5---- the one thing that I want to do is to
6---- look at other girls. I never wanted to
7---- marry you. Our last conversation
8---- was very boring and has not
9---- made me look forward to seeing you again.
10--- You think only of yourself.
11--- If we were married, I know that I would find
12--- life very difficult, and I would have no
13--- pleasure in living with you. I have a heart
14--- to give, but it is not something that
15--- I want to give to you. No one is more
16--- foolish and selfish than you, and you are not
17--- able to care for me and help me.
18--- I sincerely want you to understand that
19--- I speak the truth. You will do me a favor
20---if you think this is the end. Do not try
21--- to answer this. Your letters are full of
22--- things that do not interest me. You have no
23--- true love for me. Good-bye! Believe me,
24--- I do not care for you. Please do not think that
25--- I am still your boyfriend."

So bad!!!

However, before handing over the letter to the girl, the boy told the girl to "READ BETWEEN THE LINES", meaning - only to read (Odd Numbers)
So.. Please try reading it again! It's so smart & sooo sweetttt....


catatan harian la...

Posted by mieZa taiB on Saturday, August 23, 2008
ari ne idup mcm besa..hehh..kraY stil breathg lg la..
jm10 td ada ko-k y smkin ari smkin boring..
kraY sem dpn aq nk jg tkar ko-k ne..

emm..lega sbntar pas asg TID uda siap..almdlh..tp btul ka nda wallahualam..
tp khmis ne ada test n still im not prepare yet..ank mls la ktakn..
diz holday i never open up any book...ahaks..gila eh..
alamk..ic aq lum ambl g..huhu..mlsY nk kuar..
tp kalu nda ambl t jd PTI pla.huhhh..nga sanggup ne..
emm....ari ne nk stori mende ya..owh lpa pla hrga mnyak trun..wahh..mcm nda btul ja..
ok2..ne bktiY...

Harga minyak turun
Oleh Ismail Mat, Abdul Razak Raaff, Haika Khazi dan Wan Faizal Ismayatim
Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengumumkan penurunan harga runcit petrol RON97 dan RON92 masing-masing 15 sen dan 22 sen kepada RM2.55 dan RM2.40 seliter, manakala harga diesel sebanyak lapan sen kepada RM2.50 seliter, berkuat kuasa jam 12 tengah malam tadi semasa merasmikan Pusat Pengumpulan, Pemprosesan , Pembungkusan dan Pengedaran (CCPC) Kenaf dan penghantaran pertama serbuk Kenaf ke Korea di CPPC Kenaf, Beris Lalang, Bachok, Kelantan, semalam. -

tba2 ja hrga trun ne..
emm..mcm ada sstu tsirat dlm hal ne..
mst ada sangkut paut dgn plhn rya d p******g P**h agkY..

yala kn nk rebut undi..lgpn tmpt tu kwsn mtlak pmbangkg..
sapala jg y meng..eiii..nda sbr maw tau ne..he3


cti mid sem da hbs..hu3

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, August 22, 2008
cti mid sem da hbs la..mlsY nk smbg kuliah..
dah la aq pny kos ne ada 3taun g..huhu..
tp pa ble bwat life must goes on..
asg mkin byk..
tknan nk test pn smakin btmbh2 la..
aq lg y mls ne..
nmpkY aq kna b'ubah dmi ms dpn y gmilg..
kpd smua kwn q..
help me..huhu..save me from the darkness..cehhh..
mcm crta star wars pla..
ok mie...c'mon..be hardworkg laaa.....
dun mlas3...


salam..this is miemi..welcome to ma blog..he3..

Posted by mieZa taiB on Friday, August 22, 2008
wahh..akhrY dpt jg aq wat blog ne..
pnyala sush nk sign up..bkin bacat ja..
ops bacat tu geram..
okla let me introduce ma self..hek3
i'm miemi..20 years old..sabahan gal..
now stdy at uum taking sober course dat made people goin craze..except me..ahaks..
em..da 2nd child in ma fmly..
i've 7siblings..2 gals n others boys..
im da manja one in ma fmly..even im should be da 'bekeng' sis..he3..
i juz luv to be simple n easy going..
made frens wit anybody..
feel free to be ma frens...

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